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May Garden Studio Splendour.

Garden Studio for life, with integrated garage and art space for painting, designed by Studioni Ltd.

Garden Studio Rooms for Life.

August may feel warmer, October more mellow but May is bursting with blossom and hope.  The may pole has been well and truly circled in our village, celebrations held by all, the birds are singing and Chelsea looms imminent.  Garden studio enquiries get more and more interesting as clients become adventurous with their designs.  The air resonates with the feeling that summer is coming and we are compelled to get our gardens ready to impress and enjoy.

The edges of the fields are embellished with underskirts of hawthorn blossom, whitebeams and formal rowans are in their fullest costumes, I marvel at the greenness of the grass.  My window frames a scene that looks like a Photoshop image with the vibrance turned up full.  I’ve allowed the native plants in my garden to ramble right up to my garden studio.  The ferns have to be my favourite.  Their browning fronds have given a canvas to the frost and snow all winter and spring.  They now dominate with spectacular spirals of luminous freshness, ancient in form, magnificent in design.  Against the cedar of the studio, the contrast is heart warming every time I catch it.

This month, I will be staking my sunflower seedlings.  This year I have opted for a contrast between the darkest chocolate and the lightest ice varieties.  The bluebells, in all their colours, have naturalized and created another full layer of interest along my driveway.  Against the developing lady’s mantle and solomon’s seal, they provide a misty hue to the border.  My lilacs are sweetening the air, after rain, and the sage plant I grew from seed has outdone itself this time.  Having quadrupled in volume, it is about to explode in a purple frenzy.  It’s closest neighbour, the hanging rosemary is in full bloom again but tends to retain its modesty more.

With strawberries ripening, the summer is surely just around the corner.  My garden has rakes, trowels and brushes to hand these days as I take 10 minutes to further the tidiness throughout my working day.  The growl of distant lawnmowers pervades the air and reminds me to do the same.  If your garden requires a little help to entice you out this summer, maybe a garden studio is just the thing to consider.

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