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Hi and welcome to our blog. We know that choosing a garden room is a sizeable investment and, naturally, potential customers want to ask all the right questions and get the full picture from their supplier. The UK market is pretty competitive at the moment and some salesmen will tell you just what you want to hear which may be sidestepping the issues you want to focus on. We regularly publish articles which highlight specific areas within this market to inform the consumer… The aim is to help you get the best value for your money and that applies whether you choose to come back to question us at Studioni Ltd about our products or not.

Generally, after 17 years in the industry, we hope to encourage the garden buildings market towards corporate responsibility on environmental matters and improve quality standards of all products and customer services. We have made and will continue to make positive changes to improve our eco credentials and those of our products and are single-minded about maintaining our high quality of customer care with thermally efficient rooms.

If you like something you read or have found it helpful, please comment. Conversely, if there’s something else you want to point out, or a post you dislike, please comment on that as well. It all helps to formulate a good source for the consumer.   Thanks! Jewel.

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shake our industry into a sense of responsibility for the environment and