Garden Studios, the Bespoke Luxury Purchase.

Those with money for luxuries and asset expansion have a vision of possibilities worthy of expenditure, not limited to garden rooms.  Suitably sophisticated, effortless web browsing and glossy indulgent magazines carry advertisements which induce feelings of luxury and indulgence.

The fear that underlies luxury spends, that unless I buy a Bang Olufsen system I will forfeit my originality, is a highly strung suggestion made by such ads; that the highest achievement in life is individualism.  Bespoke diamond from De Beers, customised Aston Martin convertible, Park Hyatt family holiday and Italian designer tailoring from Saville Row’s Sartoriani ooze the custom-made, especially for you, calibre that only a sizeable amount of money can buy.

For £30,000 one can throw a memorable weekender party, purchase an authentic Louis Vuitton leather whiskey set for the gentleman, own a Franck Muller watch or have a Studioni garden studio suite installed at the country residence or town house properties.

In terms of return, the weekend party will have memories and video clips.  The Vuitton and Muller will have variable resale values depending on their authentic paperwork, condition and the trend at time of sale but will hold sentimental value for the owner and negligibly the family in the futue.  The Studioni garden studio suite will continue to  secure your property value as well as providing many happy hours of relaxation.  If it is true to say that the ultimate luxury is the feeling that your asset could not be in better hands then this would be the one to go for.

Looking more closely at the bespoke garden studio suite, the same high calibre of designers, craftsmen, photographers and project managers work together to turn your dream retreat into reality.  Depending on the function of the space shower rooms, spas, fireplaces, surround sound, swinging bed platforms and solar power can be incorporated although the flexibility of the space is the key to this luxury lifestyle trend.





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