10 Ways to Get Garden Office Discounts.

garden office discountsReally good quality garden offices will ensure that paperwork and electrical equipment is always kept dry.  Sheds and cabins and other kinds of garden buildings with scant floor and ceiling insulation will allow dampness to creep in and curl your invoices.  Studioni garden office rooms are bespoke, designed and structurally engineered to order, but the ultimate range are made with certified panels which offer excellent thermal efficiency.  That may sound like an expensive alternative but consider your running costs as well and it evens out and begins to turn into a better deal after a few electricity bills.  Regardless of who you choose to buy from, there are ways to lower the purchase price of your high quality dream office…

If you would like to reduce your costs by way of the following points, mention it when you call to fix your design meeting or survey.  You can view images showing more about garden office building by following the link. Some companies choose joinery, glazing and structural elements in combination to offer excellent thermal performance and will save you money on your energy bills.  In terms of being cost-effective, this is a long-term winner.

  1. Clear the route from the delivery point to the site where your office will be, including the area itself.  You may need to break up and take away an old garden shed, fill a skip with outgrown garden play equipment, move treasured plants, anything that might add work to the installer’s day and add cost to your job.
  2. Level the site.  For sites that are sloping, there may be additional cost to the job so digging to level the area yourself can also help keep the price tight.  Check your work with a metre spirit level of laser level system.
  3. Submit a planning application, if you need to.  Only some garden rooms need planning but if you know that yours will need it, you can save money by doing it yourself.  The scale drawings are the trickiest part, but don’t worry, some companies can help with that bit.
  4. Have temporary parking permits ready for the installer’s vehicles, if your council requires permits to be displayed on your street.
  5. Call on tradesmen you know for alternative quotations.  Companies like Studioni quote for connecting your electricity but you are  always free to have that work done by someone else, if you prefer.  Ask around for quotes, you may be able to find a keener price for second fix and connection.  Your installer likes to co-ordinate your projects so that it runs smoothly and will let you know when to book in your chosen tradesperson.
  6. If you need water and waste for a shower-room, kitchen sink or WC, try having that part of the project priced locally as well.   The groundworks for water, waste and electrical cabling must be in place before beginning the installation.
  7. You may choose to purchase your shower-room or kitchen fittings directly.  Just make sure they are delivered on time for fitting.  You will be given a delivery date when you place your order – that is ‘Day 1’ and your installation will begin immediately.  Ideally, installers like everything available on day one because the building is usually standing and ready to fit out on day two!
  8. Your second fix plumbing and tiling can also be priced separately or you may have the experience and time to tackle it yourself.
  9. How are your decoration skills?  If you would like to reduce your costs slightly by painting the studio interior yourself, just let your installer know and you can begin after the finished floor and skirting boards are in place.
  10. Sometimes it may be possible to benefit from a significant discount if foundations are not required.  This very much depends on the state of the ground (for example, there may be a pre-existing concrete raft) and a company with varied experience can talk you through this possibility.  You want your new office to be secure, safe and durable. Making sure the base is sufficient and fit for purpose is crucial.

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