New Lodge Design Launched

January 2011, is proving to be an exciting and happily hectic month in the industry.  As far from a seasonal slump as possible, we welcome the launch of  the first of our new designs for 2011.

Our contemporary pitched roof garden rooms have been very well received.  Throughout the past six months, we have surveyed our customers about their preferences between our old and preliminary new designs.  The new lodge design has generated 100% preference amongst professional clients, looking for a building for commercial, educational or personal use.

Although we have limited the web pages to a discreet array of sizes, any size is available to order, including buildings which require planning permission / building regulations. The added value of this design is its easy adaptability to serve as a sunroom or reception area addition to existing properties.

Having continually developed a range of pitched roof lodges since 2001, raising the thermal properties and lowering the carbon footprint of the lodge was a priority for the design team.

Our old design originally used timber joinery which required regular maintenance and was inefficient, requiring more energy to heat and cool the room.  Our trial with pvcu had its own problems, being a high carbon product.  The high quality, thermally broken, more eco-friendly aluminium frames we have chosen, together with superior glazing, elevate the calibre of this range.

We have developed a more thermally sound building and chosen more environmentally conscious materials.  In part, this has contributed to the clean lines of the design.  All in all, a much-needed upgrade, we think, which reflects the contemporary style of Studioni.

Future news: Studioni will be launching its new Studio design in the Spring 2011.

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