Annie Lennox’s New Album, Recorded in a Garden Studio.

A Christmas Cornucopia, on sale 15th Nov.

On 15th November, A Christmas Cornucopia will be released, with all income going to help HIV/AIDS sufferers in Africa.  Her 6th solo album is a collection of seasonal songs, largely played by Lennox herself.  The album was co-produced by Mike Stevens and recorded in his recording studio, at the bottom of his garden. The album also involved recording various choirs for added texture and a vintage feel.

“The Island team were so enthusiastic, and so excited to be working with me, and I was blown away that they felt like that. It feels very energized, and fresh and new. And that’s a great feeling for me.”

Designing and building a music recording studio in a garden is a true delight for us, and we have been commissioned to complete several to date.  The success of the acoustically optimised space depends very much on the design inside.  If you need recording space, we have compiled a brief guide which we hope will help your thought processes along.

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