Studioni Charity.

Where charities are involved we have a soft spot for children’s hospices. By way of promoting their care and raising money for them, we volunteered our boss to jump off the roof of a building.

Many organisations and bodies have suffered funding cuts in recent weeks. It’s a news story we are beginning to react numbly to. When it directly affects the care of terminally ill and life-limited children, well, we can’t ignore it. The hospice were promised an extra £250,000 government support this year and eventually were told that would now not materialise.
Nurses can’t be paid, the care is reduced to half, fewer children are being helped, beds are lying empty. The hospice is a fresh, happy, buzzing alternative home for these children and their families. Right now, they do not need toys, flowers or grapes – they need cash to cover their basics.

An experienced climber, it seemed fitting to take part in the abseil off the Europa Hotel roof and we agreed that Studioni would match all sponsorships, pound for pound. That done, we want to say a big thank you to all sponsors and supporters and we will be in touch soon to pass on your help to the hospice.

If you would like to donate directly, you can do it online here.


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