Studioni Rooms – Construction Images.

Images speak louder than words, so what better way to answer all those technical questions than with a stream of, ‘How do they do that’, construction pictures. The highest quality garden rooms are made from deeply insulated polyurethane sips panels, in a special sips press.  A few companies out there now have full BBA (British Board of Agrement) accreditation for their panels, ensuring they will not warp, twist or de-laminate over time.  This accreditation is a result of rigorous testing and significant investment on the part of the manufacturer.

Studioni studios are either delivered in a kit flat-pack form and assembled on site or provided ready-made on a steel frame.  The flat pack is assembled by a team of seasoned carpenters who have valuable experience in timber-frame house and garden room construction. The biggest benefit of these panels is their life-time environmental credentials.  A large chunk of carbon emissions comes from heating, cooling and lighting our homes and offices (accounts for 40.5% of all carbon emissions).  Directly addressing this, this particular type of construction, insulation and glazing provides a very high level of thermal efficiency – significantly reducing the carbon print of the building’s entire lifetime.  It also means that customers save money and energy on electricity.

Insulated Floor on Foundation Pads

Fixing First Wall Panels

Taking Shape

Shell Complete

Cedar Cladding and Sedum Roof Planting in place.

We have been called perfectionists but then we want our products to be excellent.  Any questions asked about technical specifications, we give straight answers and detailed explanations because customer empathy drives our service standards.

Our eco-options can be added to the garden room so that your new studio remains carbon neutral or negative.  You can ask us about the latest, locally engineered technology in solar panels and wind turbines or consider our other eco options like roof planting, alternative heating, rainwater harvesting and composting services for bath/shower rooms.

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