May Gardens for Living.

Cherry Blossom

If you survived the traditional DIY accident peak of May Day you may have ventured into medieval celebrations of Morris dancing, May Poles and folk arts.  May Day is a new year marker for a special friend of mine who denies cutting his hair and shaving until this point in every spring season when he rejuvenates himself in the garden, by his natural spring, and welcomes in his gardening season with a fresh face.

May welcomes us all into our gardens.  This week, our enquiries have come from families busy clearing frost bitten foliage and servicing the mower, digging over beds and planting out annuals, scrubbing decks and play equipment and washing down the garden table and chairs.  Getting the best use of garden space is clearly important to us and we need this careful preparation to best enjoy our family time, entertaining friends and have a safe outside space for our children to exercise and play.

With growing children craving privacy and space, this scene is echoed through the enquiries we are receiving from parents requiring a teenage garden den, music room for drums and electric guitars and guest suites for peaceful sleep overs where the rest of the family can actually sleep!  As a lifestyle purchase a professional garden studio has that crucial added benefit of adding value to the property.

Our own garden is misty with a carpet of bluebells below and a cloud of white cherry blossom above the hammock, magical when the wind blows!  The rate of growth is tremendous and the plants are definitely responding to the good feed I supplied.  The pea canes are in place and the shoots are beginning to bind, the tomatoes have germinated and the salad is ready to use.  As a grounding therapy, gardening allows immediate and long-term rewards.  Enjoy your garden this spring.

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