Celebrating our Female Directors, UK Garden Rooms Sector.

This week, we can all celebrate the strengths and achievements of women as we mark the 99 year anniversary of International Women’s Day. Since 1908 this has been a day to celebrate the achievements of women around the world.  I was keen to interview and promote fellow female directors in our industry.

Cath Lawson

I asked Cath Lawson, Marketing Director of Swift Garden Rooms, about her experience as a woman in a male dominated sector.  She said, “Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did but backwards and in high heels!”  Cath looks after all elements of customer service and marketing, ensuring that customers receive their information swiftly and that their projects are perfectly co-ordinated.  Her personable and intuitive nature has blossomed with her role as director since 2008.  Cath and her husband Martin deeply value integrity and trust which shine through their business dealings with competitors, colleagues and clients.

Cath draws on her 8 years of previous experience in the property market and explained that running a family business can be a challenge at times, “Though, after all these years, I think we’ve mastered strategies to build successful businesses (amounting to 18 years) and sustain a loving marriage for almost 27 years.  We perform well as a team as we share core values and we complement each other’s skills and expertise.  Excellent communication and being honest is a winning strategy for us.

“I love finding out specifically what people want and then helping them to get it!  Many clients say they feel very calm and re-assured around me.  I’m a great team leader so I’d love to build a company of like-minded individuals and lead us to great success!”

That certainly sounds like a formula for success.  Cath excels within a focused but creative role and brings passion, vision and her highly intuitive nature for the needs of others to her marketing strategies and customer services.  Like all successful couples, Cath invests energy in inspiring and supporting her husband.

Lynn Fotheringham

Lynn and Gordon design and construct garden buildings and contribute much to the industry’s ecological awareness.  The couple’s creative design abilities ensure their flexibility to meet a brief.

When asked how she finds working alongside her partner, Lynn responded,” Good, if you can’t live a life of leisure together, you might as well work together. The third member of the team is our Large Munsterlander, Gilbert.”  The Fotheringham family bring warmth, humour and the security of a well honed infrastructure to their design and installation services.
Lynn has patiently developed a high level of computer literacy and SEO success over the past 6 years, which she humbly makes light of, claiming her soup making skill is her greatest asset!

Thanks to Lynn, IO Buildings and Cath, Swift Garden Rooms for their open friendliness and for the time to get know one another better.  We wish you both growing success in the coming year.

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