How to Avoid Northern Ireland Rates Rise, and Save Money, with a New Garden Office.

While the assembly recognised the need to minimise financial pressure on small businesses, district councils have shown a different hand altogether.  Unfortunate if you rent a business premises in Magherafelt, Armagh, Ballymoney, Ballymena or Belfast where increases were up to 8.4% on last year’s figures.  However, there is an alternative which avoids business premises rent and rates in the form of garden offices; suitable for just this group – small to medium businesses and consultants currently renting their business premises.

Edwin Poots warned: “While I commend those councils that have kept increases to a minimum, the disparity between the lowest and highest rates in Northern Ireland by councils would indicate that a number of them should be seeking to deliver high quality services more efficiently.”
District rates vary from district to district, reflecting the rateable resources and spending policies of individual councils.  Whether one agrees with their decisions or not, one is obliged to pay for the services or forgo them.

Garden offices suit two distinct types of client.  The first has been renting a business premises for some time but needs to cut costs.  Our garden office is usually installed in a back garden which has a side access gate.  As a business asset, this purchase can be ordered as a moveable office.  In the event of selling the home, the garden office can easily be transported to a new site.  As such, it qualifies as an asset which can be offset against business tax.  With rent and rates free space, the office very soon pays for itself.  Our second group of clients has been working from home, in a spare room or from the kitchen table.  Purchasing a garden office gives them a professional and dedicated work space and frees their home from work papers and equipment.  Again, the financial benefits apply.  With all options, the garden office provides a clean, green meeting place and working space which does not infringe on family home life.

We appear to be in an economic downturn which has not quite righted itself.  It is a prudent move to consolidate and down-size while maintaining your products and services.  We hope that we can help more businesses stabilise their current situation and build better futures.  If there is a design requirement unaddressed by garden room off the shelf products, contact a company with design experience which can create one especially for you, at no extra cost.

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