Top 10 Garden Buildings for Boys.

Man Space.

Got some space in the garden for something a little different?
Here are ten tempting ideas you can use a garden building for…

1. Get creative in a customised garden photography studio.   Lots of natural light for detailed studies and an in-built dark room if you like the old 35mm effect.

Garden rooms can be fully serviced with water for sinks and electricity appliances like printers and computers.

2.  Be the best ever mate through World Cup season, June 2010, with a flush LCD TV integrated into the wall of your garden studio.  Mini fridge, toilet and sofas – what more do you need?

2. Set up your own garden gym.  Accessible, personalised and free to join!

3. Fit out your room to accomodate your favourite hobby: carving, composing, creating, reading, whatever feeds your imagination.

4. Communications can give you a whole new perspective on the world.  A garden based office is the preferred solitude of many famous authors.  Treat the world to your memoirs.

5. Star gazing and educating with telescopes.  The glazed front and optional roof windows allow blanket studying of the skies at night.  A wholesome man and boy persuit.

6. The dog house .  A place to go when you have unwittingly upset the love of your life.  Warmer than the shed, dryer than the garage.  Here, you can smoke cigarettes, drink beer and study that photography magazine.

7. Teenage hormones can kick in well before the teens.  If your otherwise angelic offspring induces desperation, allow them free use of the garden studio for friends to stay.  That will let you savour a rare evening of peace at home.

8. You’ve heard the saying, “absence makes the heart grow fonder”.  Impress your devotion on your partner by indulging her with her own private pamper space.  A girlie retreat could repay many times over in brownie points.

9. Family time is a precious commodity for busy working parents.  Make memories to treasure.  Garden studios are versatile enough to form entertain space for family and friends.  You can barbeque whatever the weather.  No need to run for the bathroom or kitchen as toilets and kitchenettes can be included in your garden studio.

10. Breathing space.  Work/life balance can weigh in favour of work too often.  Every man needs a space to relax.  A garden room gives you a flexible choice of space to inhabit for your quiet time, whether you choose to use it yourself or suggest your children play there or that your partner  uses it.  Whichever option you choose, you are guaranteed to get that quiet time for yourself.

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