Top 10 Garden Rooms for Girls.

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Got some space in your garden and a bit of cash for something a little different?

Here are ten tempting ideas you could use a garden building for…

1. Pamper yourself in your own personal garden retreat.  A spa bath, massage chair, fabulous skin care products.  Book a mobile nail artist for an evening and get the girls around.  Absolutely perfect for a girl’s night in.

2. Indulge in a home cinema room.  Selection of chic flicks, chocolate fountain, minifridge for drinks.

3. Make a relaxation room at the bottom of your garden.  Customise with a music system, easy chairs, bean bag sofa, turn the heat up and sounds down low then lie back and chill.

4. Personalise your home office.  It is so much more productive to work in a detached room than from a noisy, cluttered dining table.  Plug in the laptop and pick up your wireless connection.  Perfect peace for expending on those creative ideas.

5. Home gym.  No need to feel self-conscious about your tracksuit, post-Christmas bulge or who’s watching you work out.  Your own rowing machine, weights and yoga space will allow a fresh thorough fitness regime behind the blinds.

6. Creative expression.  Everyone needs some time to themselves and so many of us would like to take up a creative hobby like sketching or painting, pottery or other craft.  Expand on that evening class you promised yourself and use the inspiration of your family photos or garden view to reveal artistic talents.

7. If your house is crammed with children’s toys then put together a purpose built garden playroom, complete with intercom, cushioned floor and walls and loads of easy access storage space. Special space for them means less toy tidying indoors for you.

8. Teenage grump and grunge hormones can kick in well before the teens.  If your otherwise adorable child induces desperation, allow them free use of the garden studio to ‘study’ for end of term exams or listen to music with their friends.  That will let you savour a rare moment of silence at home.

9. You’ve heard the saying that every man needs a shed?  Impress your devotion on your partner by indulging his inherent primal instinct to have a sheltered male space.  A garden room gentleman’s club could repay many times over in brownie points.

10. Family time is a precious commodity for busy working parents.  Weekend dinners and get-togethers make memories to treasure.  Allow your garden room to entertain your family, barbeque whatever the weather, in an appropriately serviced studio suite.  No need to run for the bathroom or kitchen as kitchenettes and shower rooms can be included in your family’s garden studio.

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