Marriage Guidance for Shed Shoppers.

garden studio room

I live and work with my husband.  We both work from home and favour the seclusion of a garden room to separate and invigorate what we do.  Poet Khalil Gibran reflected on marriage and warned against living in each other’s pockets:

“Let there be spaces in your togetherness,
And let the winds of the heavens dance between you.
Stand together yet not too near together:  For the pillars of the temple stand apart”.

Everyone needs their own space.  My Mum had, ‘her larder’, a redundant space below the undercarriage of the stairs.  It was big enough for an ironing board and far too cluttered for children or men to come in.  She spent enough time in there to iron all the sheets in the street but produced precious little.  During her long Saturday lie-in I would sneak in to rummage for chocolate.  She always kept a secret stash in there somewhere between her magazines. That basic need for peace and quiet permeates us all and, I’m sure, has served to extend many a marriage by keeping the pillars of the temple apart.

Rather than larders, Dads have sheds.  Expressions of their own inner kingdoms, tucked safely away from women and kids, where their need for peace can be fulfilled.  Garden sheds and garages have tool storage possibility but generally serve as manly escapes.  Even small boys have an intrinsic den-building impulse, an early indication of the need for a male hideout.  An interest in gardening is not essential for shed habitation, nor is mechanics for the garage goer.  Writer Roald Dahl used his old garden hut to create world famous works of literature for children.  Damian Hurst still prefers to paint from his garden studio despite the huge success of his work reaching record amounts.  Why?  Because they love their shed space and need the head space!

The shed has become chic.  Now home owners can have their shed with the comfort of warmth and dryness.  Contemporary value-adding home office, creative work studio,  teenage den masquerading as a study room, cinema room at the bottom of the garden, personal retreat, hip urban escape pod from family life and the worries of the world.  Ten million UK homes now have garden hideaways.  The winds of the heavens are fully engaged in matrimonial regeneration.  Studioni’s chic sheds are now entering year 9 of modern design and installation.  A tailor made eco shed shop of perfect retreats.

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