Wealth Management for Women and How Garden Rooms Work as Investments.


Understanding the aspirations of professional and entrepreneurial clients takes experience.  Some clients are cash rich and time poor, requiring an empathic grasp of their needs to ensure that their property assets are correctly enhanced and secured.  Other clients prefer active involvement in all decisions and expect a complete range of service options tailored to suit their needs.  Such diversity is difficult to find at present as there are a glut of small garden rooms companies trading with a narrow variety of products and a small select few business owners with the necessary skills and experience in this sector. Helping professional clients, of all ages, achieve lifetime goals is a relevant aim.

The active professional female must be an expert at delegation with many hats to wear through her working week. Her wealth management team may have advised shifts in investment in order to safe-guard after her interests after the unprecedented falls in stock over the past 18 months. Property is not such a concern in this bracket as values have held fast but sales have slowed throughout 2008 and 2009 as interested parties look for something exceptional for their money. The addition of a detached garden studio suite to a property in this upper valuation bracket will clearly awaken curiosity in potential buyers.

Adding an appealing, sympathetic garden building which also enhances lifestyle is a valuable way in which to secure a return on property investment. These additional assets are tax allowable if used for business entertaining or as creative thinking spaces. However, I would recommend requesting open access to the garden room designer or architect for peace of mind that you will get the quality of work that you envisaged, with a long-term service guarantee. Garden suites are versatile spaces but are best designed with a purpose in mind: lakeside retreat, pool and spa area, games room, beach house, painting studio, entertainment suite or quiet working office.

Professional clients choosing to purchase garden buildings benefit from intelligibly adding value and interest to their property investments. The immediate payback enjoyed is lifestyle-enhancing, dedicated personal space for elevating clarity of mind in preparation for the next level in business or altruistic pursuits. Sustainably sourced, thermally efficient garden buildings will attract the discerning customer who seeks to reduce her impact on the environment and enhance her own credentials. Suites start from around £25,000 and by encompassing high -tech upgrades can be quoted up to £100,000. The client can expect to improve her property’s value proportionally.

Jewel Gallagher

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