Who Works from a Garden Studio?

In the UK, it is an increasing trend to work from home. Home working has environmental, cost and health benefits as well as improving quality of life and quality of work done. We have been dealing directly with consumer needs and aspirations for more than seven years and have a wealth of experience. So, what exactly is a garden studio, how does it differ from a lodge, shed or office and who typically uses it?

The term Studio derives from the Italian Studium, meaning study. Historically, a studio was an arts-focused space reserved for painting, dancing or recording. Today, in the developing garden buildings industry, a Garden Studio is a contemporary and high specification detached room which is worth more than a regular garden office. It comprises of at least one fully glazed wall, perhaps with fully opening folding/sliding doors, and external high quality FSC timber cladding. An office represents a small, bespoke flat-roofed workspace for one or two people but a lodge is usually a larger space with a pitched roof. The Garden Studio is the most contemporary, most up-market design available as a garden room. They may all be sheds, in the eyes of some, but the studio must be the most opulent shed of all.

Garden Studio customers care about the aesthetics of their home and garden. They see it as a value-adding design statement and a versatile living space for their property. Studios are regularly used by journalists, designers and senior management staff from all industries as work spaces. In this way, they release their dining room or spare bedroom from their paperwork and computer clutter and gain a separation from the home. This distance from the house is crucial – customers find that their work/life balance naturally settles into a new healthy equilibrium. I won’t go into details of the environmental and cost benefits of working from home again – they can be found in my earlier articles. Suffice to say that home-working from a garden studio is a no-brainer. The only thing you have to lose is stress.

Many studios are custom designed to suit the site, either with an unusual window/door orientation or with specialised decking to encorporate an existing tree or water feature. Leisure activities are perfect pursuits and it has been fun to see our studios used as snooker rooms, spa/sauna suites, gyms, cinema rooms and sound-proofed music rooms as well as chill-out space. Leisure studios are employed as the latest home improvement purchase for families with disposable income. With external uplighting and hidden step lumination the garden studio is simply stunning, an awesome addition to a modern home with clean lines and a well balanced quantity of glazing for natural daylight. Among all the garden buildings on offer, I think the studio stands proud as the most adaptable and elegant living space.

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